In the Fall of 2009, Killswitch Engage toured through South America for the first time in their career. To document the landmark experience, the band brought along a camera crew to film some live footage and behind-the-scenes antics.

Over the course of the last six weeks, we watched as the band touched down in Brazil, greeted rabid fans, spoke with local openers, taught the masses about baseball, ate a TON of meat and more -- all while Adam D. nursed a broken toe.

In case you missed anything along the way, here is all six episodes in order for your enjoyment.

Episode 1: Intro to Brazil

Episode 2: Fans React to KsE's Historic Visit

Episode 3: Mike D. Checks Out the Last Rainforest in Sao Paolo

Episode 4: Adam Breaks a Toe

Episode 5: Bringing Baseball to Brazil

Episode 6: Masses of Meat