Killswitch Engage embarked on their first ever tour of South America this past October, and brought along a camera crew to document the landmark trek.

So far we've seen the band touchdown in Brazil, and meet the fans/ opening band, but today, the band unveils the third installment in this six-part video series, in which Mike D. takes a tour of Sao Paolo, Brazil's last remaining bit of rainforest.

Explains tour guide/ promoter Marcos, "This is actually the last piece of rainforest in the city of Sao Paolo. So that's all we got right now; small park with some trees, little birds, spiders and old women selling crafts."

Watch below as D'Antonio walks through the rain forest, capturing pictures and sharing his excitement in being surrounded by spiders: "I love spiders. I want to pet them. With a knife." See all that and more right here:

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