Roadrunner Records is proud to announce the signing of Killswitch Engage (June 23, 2001). Get ready for pure heaviness and emotion set to sound. Soul music mainlining raw feeling and the heaviest of tuning. You may have seen the Massachusetts-based foursome destroy crowds at the Worcester Metalfest this and last year's Hellfest as well as past and recent gigs with the likes of the Soul Brains, VOD and Cradle of Filth. You may have even heard their already metalcore classic Killswitch Engage on ultra-cool indie Ferret Records. Now, Killswitch Engage take the next step with next year's Roadrunner debut, tentatively titled Alive Or Just Breathing, due in early 2002. The whisper-to-a-scream sound of Killswitch Engage is the combination of four distinct players and personalities. Bassist Mike D'Antonio's previous band, Overcast, set the stage for what is being called "The New Wave of American Metal", a riveting sound also played out by the likes of Shadows Fall, God Forbid and Lamb of God. Drummer Adam Dutkiewcz and guitarist Joel Stroezel took that sound to heart in the band Aftershock while frontman Jesse Leach first howled the heartfelt in Rhode Island's Corrin. Killswitch Engage takes all of that miles further. It's music so emotive, so melodic, yet so heavy that you won't be able to brush it off. It's pure Molt (as in "Molten") served up at a time when "heavy" is just so much dispensable radio fodder. Killswitch Engage is the real shit. To get better acquainted with Killswitch Engage, check out our Artist Page for them HERE. Note, you will find an MP3 posted for their track "Temple From The Within" - give it a listen... For more info, check out their website at