Did you know Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach writes a column for Gun Shy Assassin? It's true; every once in a while, he'll post a blog entry on some subject that's of interest to him, and that he hopes will interest and maybe help others. In his latest essay, he discusses the issue of consideration and how what people say and do affects those around them, both positively and negatively.

Writes Jesse, "How many people do you know are truly considerate? Are you? It blows my mind how self-involved we can all be in our daily life; I know I am. I have moments where I have to check myself, hold my tongue or just stop and reflect on a situation before reacting. Being self-aware is a trait that is rare in people and something you have to work on daily...Even if you are a 'tough' person with 'thick skin,' deep down, people’s words and/or actions effect us whether we know it or not.

"It’s like the 'bully' at school that picks on everyone and you find out his dad beats him and abuses him mentally, physically or what have you. We are products of our environments. This is also how people become over privileged ego maniacs in the world of entertainment and celebrity. Trust me, I know a few. When people constantly praise you and tell you how amazing you are, if you don’t have a humble upbringing or true friends to ground you, it changes you. If only parents raised their children correctly, but we all know that is going to be an ongoing problem. No one is perfect right? So what about you, seriously—what about you? The only reason I write these columns is to connect with some one out there, to share my miniscule yet hope filled perspective (and hopefully make you, the reader, think a bit). So I ask the obvious rhetorical question: Are you considerate to people in your daily life or are you just out for yours?"

Read the whole thing!

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