Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach was recently interviewed by, and talked about places he used to play, his early vocal influences, and more.

Says Jesse, "I was raised, and my punk rock, hardcore roots go back to a club called Club Baby Head, in Providence, Rhode Island, and that was always my favorite place to play. If I could resurrect that club again, I would. We had a lot of good times and a lot of great shows."

Regarding influences, he offers quite an interesting list, saying, "early on it was Ian MacKaye, from Minor Threat and Fugazi, and Mike Patton, from Faith No More. Angel Dust: that record sort of made me think about vocals in a completely different light. Lyrically, I would say Bob Marley would be in there. Some of the reggae stuff, the positive stuff—I got a lot of inspiration to write about that stuff. Believe it or not, Joe Cocker: his burly, burly voice—I always loved it, ever since I was a kid. He kind of has that growly Tom Waits-esque quality to him, and I’m a huge fan of Tom Waits, as well. So it’s a mixture of all those, really. I just pull from everywhere."

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