Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach was interviewed by PureGrainAudio recently, before the band departed for Australia and the Soundwave festival. During the course of the conversation, he reveals more details about how he came to rejoin the band after a decade away; what inspired him to write the lyrics for the band's upcoming album, Disarm the Descent; and more.

Says Leach, "When Howard [Jones] left there were talks about them holding auditions. I hung out with those guys and they had asked me to be a part of the band again a month before the audition process and the announcement of the news with Howard. I initially turned it down because I was pretty satisfied with where I was artistically and I felt that I might not be comfortable singing songs that I didn't write. Time went on and I was working my shift at my job, (because I used to be a working guy), and I remember reading the press release about the auditions. I thought somebody is going to get the job so maybe I ought to give it a shot. I called up Adam [Dutkiewicz] and consulted with him and he told me they were going to hold auditions and exercise all the options they had. I called management up and told them to put me on the list because I wanted to audition. I had turned it down before and I just wanted to prove to them that I was really serious about being back in the band, so I went and auditioned."

Jesse heard the completed music for Disarm the Descent before writing a line of lyrics; as he explains, "they musically just wanted to give the new material more teeth and more balls. I just reacted to that, I heard it and thought well, if these guys want to bring the thunder, we are going to do this. I got really excited just by hearing the music. A lot of the vocal sounds and the way I delivered them were a direct response to that."

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