Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach writes a blog for, and his latest column is up now. It's called "Someday, You'll Look Back and Laugh," and in it, he discusses how people are shaped by fear, and how laughter can help get them through stressful situations.


He writes, "Fear is not just being 'scared' or intimidated by a situation. Fear is also tied to reverence or respect. It reminds me of those T-shirts I have seen on guys that say 'No Fear' when in actuality (on an intellectual level) the real 'manly' phrase would be 'Know Fear.' Know thine enemy. To have knowledge of fear is to understand fear and thus, have a respect for it and thus, not be intimidated by fear (or posture like you have none, which is impossible as humans).

"Can you stand in the face of death, death of a loved one or the mortality of self and not be effected? There is a hidden fear even in the most fearless of us…I could go on. There are many examples I could pose to you (the reader) to prove my point, but I digress. It’s what I don’t say here that will spark the contemplation of what I have written.

"To bring this article full circle, we come to laughter. What an amazing and beautiful thing laughter is. My sense of humor has been a great tool for me to cope and ease the pressure in my life. Whether its laughter among friends, laughter when watching a movie, a comedian, your favorite show or perhaps, more importantly, laughter at oneself, laughter is good medicine — period.

"Some of my darkest times in life have led to some of my deepest laughter, in retrospect…now, when I say that, I am using it figuratively as well as literally. I have had moments where I look back and remember the struggle, I remember the pain and I have been able to feel relief and at times, even just sit and laugh…sometimes until the tears come.

"I am living proof that you can overcome, you can achieve and pursue your dreams and aspirations. There is hope! I have been to the edge of my sanity, to the point where I seriously considered ending my life due to exhaustion, depression and anxiety. Here I am today, alive and well, living my dream, doing what I love everyday (by the grace of God).

"Trust me, laughter literally and figuratively played a huge part in my life…and still does. Just remember no matter what you are going through, “This too shall pass” and when it does, for the love of life, reflect…appreciate and look back. And laugh."

Read the whole thing!

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