Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage writes a blog, Check Your Head, for, and the latest installment is up now. In it, he talks about achieving mental clarity, while telling the story of an encounter he had with a kid on tour. He writes, "In life, we have so many choices, so many opportunities to learn a lesson, to experience a small piece of the vast beauty of existence. In this moment, I chose to be open to allowing this experience to resound with in me. I contemplated on water.

"Water. It is a 'giver of life' and also, it can destroy and suffocate it. That same water the boy was playing in has flooded villages, cities…eroded canyons and worn down mountains. That same water quenches the thirst of people living in drought-filled third world countries, given crops the ability to grow and feed millions of people, fallen down through the skies in to rain forests, producing life-giving trees and in turn, the air we breathe.

"That water can freeze and become so massive it connects continents over oceans! My mind was being blown. Here I am, modern man, with water within my reach, with the touch of my hand. I can pull on a lever and water is just there, at my leisure. I can drink it, bathe in it, cook with it or like this child, I can play in it if I choose.

"Who am I in this modern world, who can easily take for granted water?!? How have we arrived at this place in life where modern technology has made it easy for us to loose sight of how amazing and precious water is?!?"

Read the whole's surprising and well worth your time.

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