The latest installment of Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach's "Check Your Head" blog is up now on GunShyAssassin, and as always, it's very much worth your time. He deals with issues of war and peace, life and death—this excerpt, while in no way conveying the power of the whole thing, will give you some idea of what to expect:


There were small traces of blood on the concrete and an overall feeling of unease saturated the air. Standing only 25 feet from where a life was taken just moments before I arrived, I started to feel sadness wash over me and my eyes, and in the same moment, I felt anger and disappointment for “We, as humans.”

What could have been the reason behind this murder? What was so bad that a life must be taken? Granted, I know we humans are capable of terrible and downright evil things but to me, in my mind, how does one get to that point were you justify and decide that you are willing to end the life of another?!?

I turned and started to walk away from the scene and retreat to the comforts of my home-away-from-home (the tour bus) to clear my head and sleep.

As I lay in my bunk, my mind raced with thoughts; all of the wars we as humans wage over power, money, greed, oil, land. How many other people in other parts of the world deal with this type of scenario on an almost daily basis?!?

Read the whole thing.

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