Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach recently spoke to ArtistDirect about the song "Always" and its video (which he had a strong role in creating, and which you can watch above), their latest album Disarm the Descent, and more.

Says Jesse about "Always" the song, "Initially, a couple of the guys were like, 'I don't know if this fits on the record.' Adam and I were like, 'Well, it's perfect because it gives a breather right before the last song.' Every song is put in that particular order for a reason. In a day and age where people don't necessarily listen to records from start-to-finish, we're still an album band, and we wanted to make sure this album was an experience from beginning-to-end. I feel like 'Always' was the breather before the final song. It's sort of the closer."

Regarding the video, which is really more of a short film set to the song, he says, "I knew I didn't want it to be a Guy-Meets-Girl 'I love you always' video. So I got involved immediately. I said, 'This is what I don't want. Here are some ideas I have. Here's what the song is essentially about.' That's mourning the loss of a loved one and the memories—the joy and the pain. I figured the best way to show that without having mourning in a cemetery was by drawing from songs like Pantera's 'Hollow' and 'Cemetery Gates' or 'Nothing Else Matters' from Metallica. They're heavy bands but they're tackling softer, yet powerful subjects in a way that's not sappy. In this case, the route was to show a different kind of love, namely brotherly love. That was Mike and Ian's idea. Then, you're dealing with a disease or death. It's unspoken in the video, but we're essentially talking about cancer. Everybody's been affected by that. It's one of the number one killers. I wanted to make sure people were impacted by it. It made people stop and think. They didn't just go, 'Yeah, I've seen this before.' It's a love song, but what kind of love song is it? That's the question I wanted to pose to people with the video. If you assume it's this kind of love song, you may or may not be right. I hate to tell people what the songs are about, but it was important to show another side of love that people don't usually draw from in music videos."

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Disarm the Descent (featuring the Grammy-nominated song "In Due Time") is available everywhere now—grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!