Killswitch Engage recently completed a short string of UK tour dates with Trivium, Miss May I and Battlecross (all of whom toured together in the US on Trespass America in 2012), and he talked about that and much more with when they interviewed him backstage at Brixton Academy.

Says Jesse about his friendship with Trivium's Matt Heafy, "Matt and I have a lot in common with being food snobs and just being very much on the same wavelength in terms of taking care of our voices and really wanting to know how to be better and being responsible and having to be the party pooper in the band because you can’t drink a lot, can’t party a lot, so we all sort of get on fairly well."

He also talks about being in some ways the co-frontman of Killswitch Engage, because of guitarist Adam D.'s larger-than-life onstage personality; says Jesse, "it just happened naturally because we worked together with Times of Grace, which was a totally different beast, but there’s a beauty to what he does on-stage and I think balancing his goofiness and my heartfelt wanting to change the world attitude. I don’t think a lot of it has been vocalised, it just happens naturally."

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