Noted DJ Full Metal Jackie hosted Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach on her syndicated radio show this past weekend, and they discussed a variety of subjects, including whether the Times of Grace project helped smooth the way for his rejoining KsE, auditioning for the spot, and how old Killswitch songs have evolved over the years. A transcript of the interview is on now.

According to Leach, working with Killswitch guitarists Adam D. and Joel Stroetzel on Times of Grace was not a catalyst for him to consider rejoining his old band; "For me just getting out on the road and performing in front of people and going to the festivals in Europe, which was my first time ever, that really just reignited my love for touring and traveling. I hadn’t done it in years since I left Seemless which was going on six years now."

He also admits he felt that auditioning to replace Howard Jones was an important part of the process, saying, "He’s such a different singer than I am, a different style and I know that was a question in a lot of people’s minds, so for me, it was actually my idea to go there and audition. I wanted to be part of the list of people to go in and try out, I thought it was important to work for it and really sit with those songs and decide how I was going to perform them, if I could perform them well and how to make them my own and live in them and feel them, not just go through the motions like a cover singer."

He says he finds it easy to sing songs from Alive Or Just Breathing because his bandmates have been playing them for so long that he can just slot right in: "I haven’t listened to the material for years, it’s not like I go around listening to my own songs, they’ve developed. It’s such second nature to these guys, they play it so effortlessly. It definitely has a more easy feel to it coming back and singing the songs for all these years – I just find it a lot easier, which is strange to say, but it’s got a new life in it."

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