Trivium and Killswitch Engage just did a short run of UK shows together, and when they played Glasgow, Killswitch vocalist Jesse Leach and Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto sat down for a joint interview, during which they had lots of praise for each other's work.

Says Paolo, "When I got Alive Or Just Breathing it was a revolutionary album that changed the course of metal. Before that album, every metal band I was listening to were older, so when the first group of bands started coming out like Killswitch and Lamb of God it just signaled the change. I got to know them touring on Ozzfest ’05 and we’ve done so many tours together. They’re great guys and excellent musicians, people we share a bond with. We’re different enough so that when we play together that you’re not going to get the same show but similar enough that we fit well together."

Says Jesse, "Trivium are great—they’re professionals, very easy going, nice guys. We all get along really well so it’s easy. We’ve toured with them a couple of times before and I’ve known Matt, the lead singer, since he was a kid. We had same manager back then, when I was in a rock and roll band [Seemless] and we’ve become fast friends since then."

They also discuss making their most recent records—Killswitch Engage's Disarm the Descent and Trivium's Vengeance Falls—what they like about Scotland, and much more. Read the whole thing!