The 2010 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival kicked off this past Saturday, July 10th in San Bernardino, CA, and the reviews, photos and overall excitement for the ultimate 'metal summer camp' tour are pouring in! Featuring Korn and Rob Zombie alongside a bevy of seasoned metal vets like Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Shadows Fall and more, the event so far has brought "an impressive draw for such stagnant times for the concert industry," writes The Orange County Register. was also on hand at the festival's first date this summer, citing, "Korn and Rob Zombie put on some of the best shows of their respective careers." Continuing in their rave review of the event, the site writes, "Make no mistake about it; this is the ultimate rock 'n' roll package this summer and a blockbuster event in its own right. Forget Eclipse, The Last Airbender and whatever else is taking up space on the big screen, Mayhem is more cinematic than anything in theaters at the moment."

To attest to that, The Orange County Register recalls, "As the sun set, fires started on the lawn (as usual) and leftover Fourth of July fireworks were blasted into the night. But those tiny bursts of light paled in comparison to the pyrotechnics Rob Zombie brought to the stage.  In true fashion he pulled out all the stops — a handful of rotted-looking skeletons lined the front of the stage, giant posters of monsters were erected, and it wouldn’t be a true Zombie show without his enormous dancing robots joining the band on stage."

As for Korn's set, sums it up, saying, "Jonathan Davis transfixed the entire audience from the orchestra to the top of the lawn. He exploded during the awe-inspiring new cut "Pop A Pill." A demented rhythm snapped into Davis's resounding chorus, and then his clean break in the middle crept inside the psyche of all listeners within earshot. Another Remember Who You Are song "Let the Guilt Go" could be the heaviest funk song ever written. There's a jammy bass line-riff combo that galloped alongside the rhythm, while Davis screamed and sang. The latest tracks were meant for the stage, and it was immediately evident. Davis's screams sounded utterly fierce and he managed to burrow into minds with how goddamn real and cathartic his on-stage exorcism was."

Read the entire review from right here, and read The Orange County Register's review here.

While giving us some live play-by-play action during the day, Mayhem's facebook and twitter lit up with excitement at the amazing event unfolding. Check out some photo's of day one from the event's official Flickr page below, and be sure to check back for more coverage of this summer's hottest ticket coming soon.

Want to see this killer tour in your area? Go RIGHT HERE for a full list of dates!

Rob Zombie


Bon Fires on the Lawn

Zombie meet & greet