Korn guitarist Munky was recently interviewed by the website UglyScene.com. During the conversation, he talks about connecting with fans live, the band's songwriting process, and much more.

Says Munky, "With the music you already have a connection with people, but for them to see you live, it is like it becomes a tangible object and you become a tangible object that they can see and it all makes sense...It's what makes the experience for a live audience member much better for them to experience a concert. Looking them in the eyes, letting them feel alive. I remember when I was a kid and I would go to some concerts in Vegas, and I can't even remember what band, but I just remember it was really important. It's the human contact and really how important it is in connecting with somebody on the most human level."

Regarding songwriting, he describes the band's efforts as "somebody comes up with an idea or a riff. Then we build on that and everybody puts their two cents on and then it's like when a dog rolls around in a mud puddle and then shakes himself off. There is still some mud there deep down and those are the ideas that stick. You know that you want to try everybody's idea and it's tough in a band because you want your idea to come to life at its fullest and you want everybody else to try their ideas too. You want everyone to feel confident in playing it, performing it and recording it and have the same energy. It's a process. I make it sound like it's difficult but it's really just if it feels good, you play it and I'll play something that feels good to play too that sounds good and I'll add that. Everyone throws their own ingredients and their mojo into the pot and it's magic."

Read the whole interview at this link.

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