Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer was recently interviewed by the Phoenix New Times; in the piece, he discusses the evolution of the band's latest album, The Path of Totality; how the various members' side projects impact the main band; and more.

Says Munky of The Path of Totality, "We've always been a band that's tried to reinvent themselves and innovate what we do, I think. We were at the point in our career you know, our tenth album, like, let's go for it! And if we don't like it, we don't have to put it out. Let's just try it and see if it works. And working on the song 'Get Up,' it was just so refreshing, so after that we thought, like, let's just do a whole album [in the same style]."

Regarding side projects, he says, "I think we've learned to balance it very well. I mean, I'm glad that we all have something other than Korn to focus on, and it keeps us involved. It keeps ideas fresh to when it's time for Korn to come together. Because you know, you've tried things out with your side project and you think, this is kind of clever. Then on the other hand, you find ideas that don't work, but may work for a side project. It can go both ways. But any ideas that come up at the moment, we use it for whatever we're working on at the moment. The projects are all so different, and we are all so different. I think that is what makes us an interesting band. Our personalities come out through our instruments. That's what makes us unique."

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