Steel For Brains is one of the most interesting up-and-coming metal blogs around, and they've just posted an interview with Kvelertak guitarist Bjarte Lund Rolland that's definitely worth your time. Rolland writes most of the music for Kvelertak, and he's got the kind of extremely wide-ranging tastes you'd expect, given the variety of sounds heard on their latest album, Meir

Says Rolland about songwriting, "I am fascinated with juxtaposition in music, when beauty meets ugly and hard grinds meet soft hooks, shit like that. That is what drew me into black metal for instance. I like to think about our music as having three elements. I want the music to be hard but catchy and beautiful at the same time, at various degrees across the song material of course. But I try not to make like one song that’s hard and one that’s poppy, etc." He also throws down the (spiked) gauntlet, saying, "99.999% of metal bands couldn’t write a hook or make sense of a song structure if it crawled up their tight leather jeans and bit them in the belt buckle."

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Meir is available everywhere now - grab a copy from Amazon or on iTunes!