Kvelertak frontman Erlend Hjelvik was interviewed by AOL's Noisecreep on Friday; the piece is online now. Erlend talks about signing with Roadrunner, what he thinks is the key to the band's appeal, the lyrics on their forthcoming album Meir, and much more.

Says Erlend, "We bring something new to the table. We're not concerned with being the heaviest band or anything like that. We just want to write good songs and rock out. Basically we feel like [more] of a rock band now anyway. There's more hooks on the new record and it's more dynamic. The production is way more open."

Regarding the lyrics on Meir (which are still entirely in their native Norwegian), he says, "there's songs about trepanning (drilling a hole into a human skull) to release evil spirits which they did in the old days to mental patients. There's also songs like 'Nekrokosmos' which is basically about an Anti-Christ figure coming from a spaceship down to the earth from a black hole to basically destroy everything. And there are also shameless anthems about being on the road. It's not really folklore based. I was really inspired by Blue Oyster Cult and Monster Magnet and black metal lyrics from bands like Darkthrone and Taake when I wrote the lyrics to the new one."

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