Kvelertak are launching a North American tour with Mastodon and Gojira next week; before that, though, they're playing Desertfest in England, and frontman Erlend Hjelvik recently spoke to UK website The Quietus about what the band's been up to lately.

Says Erlend about the group's plans for album #3, "Most of the writing has so far been done at home, but I know Bjarte [Lund Rolland, guitarist] has been talking about bringing a sound card and computer with us on tour. We'll see how much gets done. At least we've started thinking about making new songs, so I'm sure there'll be some new ideas."

He's also surprised at some of the celebrity fans the band has recruited, including Slash, who's been spotted in a Kvelertak shirt. "I was just surprised that he knows about our band! I think it was from a practice with Mötorhead, so having Lemmy in the picture just made it better. The most incongruous fan of our band is the Crown Prince of Norway who's seen us both in Norway and in San Francisco. I've never seen him wear one of our shirts in public though, I guess I'll have to send him one."

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