The editors of the UK magazine Metal Hammer host a weekly podcast, which is also posted on YouTube, divided into convenient sections. In the clip above, they devote the first eight and a half minutes to an in-depth, thoughtful discussion of the new Kvelertak album Meir, which is definitely worth your attention. They discuss the similarities between Meir and the band's 2010 self-titled debut, but also analyze the many ways the band has grown and evolved between albums. Check it out!

Meir is available now for pre-order in the Roadrunner webstore; you've got three options:

1) Meir CD, $9.99;
2) Meir digital album, $9.99;
3) Meir CD & T-shirt, $24.99!

With each of those options, you get an instant download of the band's new single, "Bruane Brenn"!

You can also get "Bruane Brenn" on iTunes today, and pre-order Meir while you're at it!