Kvelertak guitarist Vidar Landa was recently interviewed by Aggelos Katsouras for MetalPaths.com; in the course of the conversation, he discusses the band's new album Meir, his musical influences, and getting a concussion at a show in Greece.

Says Vidar about the Greek show (at which the band played with Megadeth), "That was one of the highlights of 2012. The crowd was amazing! It was pretty hard for me though, cause I had a concussion. The promoters took us out the day before and gave us free tequila shots at this rock-bar (Intrepid Fox or something). I ended up stage-diving from the bar and climbing on Erlend’s shoulders, we both fell over and I went head first into the concrete and had to go to the hospital to get stitched up. Luckily our Greek friends knew a doctor there, so it went pretty fast. I just remember inviting all the nurses to the show while getting sewed up, haha! I did play the show, but when I came back to Norway the doctor told me I had to lay still and not move for at least a week or I could get brain damaged."

Regarding Meir, he says, "There are definitely some surprises in the new album. There is a song called 'Nekrokosmos' that is really experimental, super heavy, groovy and atmospheric at the same time and at the other end of the scale there is the last track on the record called 'Kvelertak' which is a super-catchy, shameless, rock 'n' roll band anthem. And I have to mention my guitar-buddies Bjarte and Maciek, listen to the solo work on this album, I love it! Check out Maciek’s 'Slayer-meets-Kurt Ballou' solo on 'Månelyst' and BJ’s sexy and sleazy solo on 'Kvelertak.' Marvin stepped up his bass-playing for this one and there are some really cool bass-lines in there. Kjetil is the best drummer in the world and wrote riffs for the song 'Tordenbrak.' The vocals and lyrics are better too...Even though a lot of our songs are immediate and catchy, this is definitely a record you should listen to closely and give a couple of rounds."

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Kvelertak's Meir will be released everywhere March 26; you can pre-order your copy now from the Roadrunner webstore, either on CD, digitally, or as a deluxe 2LP set on 180gm vinyl!