As previously written, yesterday (10/01) Ill Nino took advantage of a day off from the Road Rage Tour by doing an autograph signing and playing a free show at CD World in Menlo Park, NJ (smile if you live in J-E-R-S-E-Y). Well, word has it things went great yesterday. Our very own Malibu Lou relays that Ill Nino played to a packed house of 300 cats at the in store performance. They played 7 songs in total, Lou's favorites from the set being "Nothing's clear", "God Save Us", and "What Comes Around" - "definitely 'What Comes Around', the floors were shaking from the kids around totally rocked!" Lou rejoiced... interesting fact - last week after playing The Time Theatre in Rockford Il, Ill Nino, along with other Road Rage Tour band members, hung out at the bar next door to the venue to enjoy a couple 'cervesitas'. Well, Ill Nino percussionist Roger tells that someone in the house requested Reign In Blood to be played...yes, from Slayer (yes, the ultimate band does exist). Roger goes on to tell this was "totally the way to sit back and relax. We listened to the whole fuckin was brutal. Not a bad way to end the night." Words of wisdom Roger...words of wisdom indeed... Perhaps you read earlier today in the TOUR section that Ill Nino will be touring with Dry Kill Logic and Kittie after the Road Rage Tour? If not. It's true! Though actual dates have yet to be confirmed, the tour is expected to start on October 21st in Dallas and end in Toronto come late November. For a full listing of current Ill Nino tour dates, search our TOUR section. Revolution...Revolucion in stores now