Tonight (06/26) at the Whiskey on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California, Stone Sour will be shooting their first ever video. The song, "Get Inside" (click on link to download mp3). The description, "Aggressive. It's a collage of sounds coming together to be a kick-ass song," tells Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor. At 4:45pm EST (1:45pm PST) this evening (afternoon), an email was sent via our press department - "STONE SOUR LIST IS CLOSING IN 15 MINUTES." Come 3:00 pm (PST), the band hits the stage at the Whiskey for soundcheck - the "Get Inside" video shoot officially begins. The goods taped during soundcheck will be used as b-roll footage in the video, with the meat of it to be shot later in the evening during the band's live performance. Stone Sour self titled debut in stores September 17th