Before getting into the following message written by Type O Negative's drummer Johnny Kelly, we'd like to give a thanks out to Jeff T (you know who you are) for sending us one of the best emails we ever received from our site. Jeff, and the rest of you Type O Negative fans, this is for you. This is from Johnny: We have just finished recording a track for the WWF titled "Out of the Fire," which is the theme song for the wrestler Kane. It is a cover version of his intro song. I totally forgot who else is appearing on the CD, and I also have no idea when it is going to be released or on which label. I'll find out and have Steve (TON webmaster) post the details on the site very soon. We are going to begin to record demos of the new songs we have written any day now. In between diaper changes and feedings, Josh is preparing his studio in his house at this very moment for the joyous occasion. Judging by what I've heard at rehearsals, some of the new songs are really good. I don't think that the Type O faithful are going to be disappointed. The songs constantly change at this stage, so they could wind up sucking big time when they're finished. I am excited (did I just type that?) about the new songs, and I can't wait to hear them finished and perform them live. We aren't expecting to have the new CD released until early 2002. We also don't have any touring planned. We will probably go out for a small run of dates around Halloween ts we do every year. As far as the website is concerned, Steve mentioned something about having another message board on the site, but that was sometime around January when he mentioned it. I hope that we will have something up soon. Steve and I have talked about revamping the entire website. I think that it needs a little bit of a facelift--kind of like the rest of the guys in the band. But, that's another story altogether. Talk to you soon, Johnny And of course, thanks go out to Johnny for the line.