Roadrunner Records premiere A&R demo submission and artist discovery portal, SignMeTo Roadrunner Records released their first ever sampler featuring 14 unsigned artists. The sampler highlights the best, strange and truly unique artists from the site. Each week we will be featuring two artists from the sampler. Today we are featuring Belgium artist Laudanum Forest.

All artists have their own set of goals. Some artists are in it for the fame, while others want  that coveted record deal. Laudanum Forest didn't want any of those. The band was strictly side project and mixed a variety of musicians who just wanted to write/play music. The end product of this menagerie of musicians is a psychedelic/progressive track called "The Asylum" and soon became more than a side project. Head over to their SignMeTo Roadrunner Records artist page and check them out and be sure to down the Best of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records sampler for FREE!

Other artists featured on the Best of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records Sampler-

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