Doug Stanhope's latest CD, Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere, was voted one of the 10 best comedy albums of 2011 by the website The site's writers say:

"One of the most prolific comedians working today, Doug Stanhope unleashed yet another outstanding album this year, brimming with stark realizations (“I don’t fuck anymore, really, because I’m old and gross”) a collection of decidedly unfunny ideas – suicide, massacres, abortion (the more babies you have, the more the value of human life drops) – and that ragged, seemingly hung-over, disjointed delivery we’ve come to expect from the workhorse comedian. As is always the case with Stanhope, Olso, recorded in a former Nazi hangout in for comedy fans that can appreciate nuances and find pleasure in taking chances and comfort in the perverse."

Here's a clip:
Doug Stanhope -- "Dead People's Baggage" by Laughspin

Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere is available now on iTunes.