When it comes to "speaking 'Strayan," all us Americans know for sure is that Fosters is Australian for beer (or so we've been told), but there's a wealth of Aussie phrases and terminology that we're still very much in the dark about, which is why we've tapped Airbourne -- Australia's best rock export since AC/DC -- to let us in on their vernacular.

Our appointed American ambassador, Roadrunner staffer Thom Skarzynski, tries to decode the message of "pull a root," "tits on a bull," "kick a sausage" and guess what things like "franger" and "sticky beak" mean, while the Airbourne foursome set him straight on Aussie slang. Which of the above means to get laid? What part of the human anatomy does a fanny really refer to? Will Thom get any of these right?! Watch below to find out!

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