We are less than three weeks away from the release of Ill Nino's Revolution...Revolucion. To commemorate the time leading up to this release, Ill Nino's A&R Rep Mike Gitter has written a three piece series on the band which is absolutely fantastic. All you cats in bands ever wonder exactly how the whole process of getting signed to a label works? Then read on... This series details Mike's initial involvement with the band, signing them to Roadrunner, and the making of their album. Part I is here - Ill Nino Meets Roadrunner. Check it out in our WILDCARD section. Next week will bring Part I in this series... In other Ill Nino goods, we have just posted up 7 new pics from their show at the Wetlands here in NYC this past Tuesday (08/28). Check them out in the Ill Nino Photo Gallery. (a note on the pictures - you will mostly see only Marc and Roger. Reason? the only place to take photos was by the very side of the stage...if you were there, you would know it would have been impossible to get front and center...) Revolution...Revolucion in stores September 18th