Although the band has broke up, the music lives on! Former Life Of Agony members Alan Robert, Keith Caputo, Dan Richardson, and Joey Z have formed their own bands. Check this out: Signature Vocalist, Keith Caputo (former LOA frontman) has gone solo. After departing from Life Of Agony, Caputo started a band called Absolute Bloom and recorded songs that were never released. The only way to obtain material by this band was to get the demo at one of their few shows. Absolute Bloom broke up shortly. The time spent working with Bloom helped develop Keith's new sound and brought out the emotions now expressed in his new debut album "Died Laughing ". It's out in Europe on Roadrunner Records. For more on Keith, check him out online at Alan Robert, former bassist and main songwriter of Life Of Agony, went his separate way (alike Keith Caputo) departing from the other former LOA members. Being the mind behind most of Life Of Agony's lyrics, Alan's outstanding talent became obvious to his fans, proving what he is capable of, and he formed a band called Among Thieves The New York based Among Thieves is the new band featuring the unexpected team-up of bassist/songwriter Alan Robert (formerly of Life of Agony), and drummer Will Shepler (formerly Agnostic Front & Madball). This group, rounded out by guitarist Scott Roberts (ex-Spudmonsters) and vocalist Rob Brock, formed shortly after Life of Agony ended their decade long career in 1999. Clearly taking a different approach from Will Shepler's NY Hardcore past, Among Thieves combines emotional melodies with unforgettable guitar driven hooks. Complete with moody, thought provoking lyrics, Among Thieves inspires the listener to look deep within themselves at their own related life experiences. It's hard to imagine Among Thieves delivering anything less, considering the songwriting talents of it's members. For more info on this band, check them out online at Other members of Life Of Agony have joined forces and have a band called Stereo Mud. The band consists of Joey Z, the guitarist mastermind (former LOA), drummer Dan Richardson (former LOA), Corey Lowery on bass (former Stuck Mojo), and Erik Sebren (formerly Beltfed) on lead vocals. They have a unique sound with heavy undertones led by Joey's intricate guitar playing. Because their sound is derived from their past bands, Stereo Mud has kept their music roots while building an entirely different twist to their melodic metal sound. They have recorded a few tracks and will be in the public eye soon. This band is definitely worth checking out! For more information on Stereo Mud, check them out online at - Delia Geiger