So, you wanna be a rock star, do ya? Well, Dry Kill Logic's bassist Dave Kowatch has been good enough to give us an inside look at the last couple weeks of their most recent tour run, the Oracle tour with Kittie, Ill Nino and Mind War Symphony. note - this is simply Part I. Check back next week for Part II of Dave's message which starts out with the line "if anyone wanted to know what it is like to be on tour, here goes..." Until then, Part I is as follows. Enjoy. Hello again, dave from DKL. On the seventh we played Colorado again and loved it. The show was packed and we saw many old friends. In honor of the first snow fall, well not really, I decided to get my nose pierced. I figured i needed something else since all my earings keep getting ripped out. The next night, on our off date in Iowa, Phil decided to put posters up at 3 in the morning at Hairy Mary's (venue for the show the next night). We played with Hollowpoint and Void the next night. The show was amazing and stuff got broken, but in a good way. The next show was in Minnesota at the Ascott Room. I.C.P. played the downstairs room, and what a mess that show made. It was pretty cool to see some of their fans come and see our show. Over the next couple of nights we were at a casino, bars and just hanging out with Kittie. It was really fun to watch Phil get really drunk and have to be walked back to the hotel. Back home to N.Y. (11/15 show)!!!!!!!!!! The legendary Limelight, what a show. It was packed and crazy, thanx to all of our friends that came out. After the set, Scott dives right in the middle of the crowd while Cliff amps up the crowd. Phil pushes the techs away from his drum set while he tosses aside his cymbals and picks up his kit over his head. Phil repeatedly smashes his drum set into pieces. Before he finishes, I light my bass on fire and finished off his kit. Needless to stay security stopped us...we then dove into the crowd. NOTHIN LIKE A HOME TOWN SHOW!!! Driving into a really small town in Maine the next day was a little unexpected. But the show with some local bands was a great break from the tour. We made many new fans who were really cool, C&J rocked, see all you guys soon. We were able to play the Troc in Philly again. We were here in the beginning of our Roadrunner career and we would love to go back there again. We finally met up with Chimaira on the road at the Crow's Nest in Chicago for a really cool Roadrunner thanksgiving signing party. This was a new thing for us and it turned out awesome. We were able to met many fans and just hang out. Towards the end of the tour things got a little crazy and a guy, I can't say who it was, ran around in a bee suit. But for the last night (11/24) in Michigan, Mind War Symphony, Ill Nino and Kittie all made a huge mess while we played. Well, we also did this to them. Spraying silly string, dousing them with water, stealing cymbals and bringing them drinks on stage were all in order. For Ill Nino it was some shaving creme, and for Mind War Symphony we had Dominos deliver a pizza on stage to them. When we were playing we got ALL of the above done to us, along with garlic on the mics and the other bands dressing up like Phil and Cliff and then dancing in time with Cliff to mock him. It was great. To wrap up another great tour we want to thank Kittie, their crew and their family, for treating us great. It was our first Thanksgiving away from our homes and they took all of us out to a great dinner. Their hospitality was much appreciated and will never be forgotten. All the members of Kittie are great people and we learned a lot from them - even hanging and drinking was an experience. Mind War Symphony is one of the hardest working independent bands I know. They are also Kittie's techs, adding twice as much work to play. They treated everyone with respect and loved to fuck with everyone. Our labelmates Ill Nino are equally as cool. It was great to tour with them, they love to hang and play shows, it is great to once again have toured with friends. Their songs rock and they kick ass live, thanx again guys. Dave, thanks for the look into your world. Remember, more to come next week. Dry Kill Logic debut The Darker Side Of Nonsense in stores now