As promised last week, here is a bit more in depth look at life on the road, as written by Dry Kill Logic's bassist Dave Kowatch. You want to be a rock star? Learn the following: "Well, here it is - the end of the year and the end of our current tour run, for the moment that is. What have I learned over the past 6+ months on the road? If anyone wanted to know what it is like to be on tour, here goes: Lots of driving...Bad, cold, greasy, fast food (which makes it much appreciated to actually eat a meal on a plate with metal silverware), lots of new friends and fans, lots of truck stops (and it is really weird when they remember you from the last time you were there)...Lost clothes, cameras, equipment, money, gas caps, RV parts...Flat tires, broken heaters, broken air conditioners, no trailer lights, tickets, trailers falling of while driving, trailers getting stuck in the ground...Lost band members. Drunkenness, free beer, free food, free booze, free equipment and clothes, tons of pictures, getting to meet members of other bands, rain while hanging out after shows...Broken basses, guitars, amps, mics, drums, chords, wirelesses, strings, cymbals, necklaces, bracelets, bottles...fights with security. Cool interviews, after parties, before parties, during parties, and after hours...Really cool techs and loaders from clubs...Tattoos, piercings, black eyes, fat lips, blood, tears, sweat, showering in the club's sink, vomit, no laundry machines, getting kicked out of clubs and hotels, fireworks, cops, and almost always getting the furthest table from the front door in a restaurant. Airports, passports, weird currency, misunderstood exchange rates, weird food, and not driving on the same side of the road. That is just a little of it. The time we spend on the road made us grow and learn many new things. I wish I could say we never fought with each other, but when you spend so much time on an RV with the same people, you just want to kill them. However, in the morning it is all good and then everyone makes fun of you for being bitchy the night I said, it is a learning experience. Thanx go out to everyone who has come to the shows, and those who went to multiple shows. Have a great Holiday and we will soon be back. Also, if you are reading this, this is a chain letter and you must tell five of your friends to request "ROT" at your local radio station, and they must have five of their friends do they same. Please. dave dkl" Questions anyone? What's that? You want to know about the women on the road? Get your mind out of the gutter... This has been a lesson from the road... Dry Kill Logic debut release The Darker Side Of Nonsense in stores now