Dry Kill Logic is currently on the road with Fear Factory in support of their debut Roadrunner release, The Darker Side Of Nonsense (came out June 19th). Actually, they have been on the road for quite some time...And now, for the first time in Roadrunner history, we present to you 'Postcards From The Road' - the members of Dry Kill Logic have been good enough to start sending us postcards from their tour travels across the US, writing a couple words to y'all - the fans. This first installment of Dry Kill Logic 'Postcards From The Road' is titled Lighthouses Of Maine (the title is self explanatory once you see the postcard). Though received this morning (07/10), it was sent on July 2nd - when the band was traveling between shows in Portland, ME and Lackawanna, NY. The first postcard can be found HERE, and it is to everyone, everywhere. and now, A lesson in DKL: - if you have yet to listen to these guys, check out MP3's of their tracks "Assfault" and "Nightmare" in DKL's MUSIC section. - you can check out live video footage of them in DKL's VIDEO section. - and of course, you can find out when they are coming to a town near you in DKL's TOUR DATES section. - for YOUR reviews submitted on DKL's The Darker Side Of Nonsense, check out DKL's FAN REVIEWS in our IN THE PIT section...including a review from one from the esteemed members of our message board, Hammerlock! -and last, for a more in depth look at DKL's life on the road, check out their daily TOUR UPDATES in the NEWS section of their website at www.DryKillLogic.com.