For better or worse, here we go: Brujeria will be doing a live interview on KNAC.COM Jan 7th, 2001 @ 8:00 P.M. Pacific Time. Just as the true story behind this band is somewhat a mystery (and better kept that way), so are the details of this interview. Basically all we know is the date and time (see above) and that Juan Brujo himself will possibly be part of the interview. Who else? Where exactly? What is to happen? All these questions and more cannot be answered at this time and quite possibly never will be, which makes hearing this live interview even more intriguing. REMEMBER, KNAC.COM Jan 7th @ 8:00 PM Pacific Time. Click HERE to see what little even the hosts of this interview have to say! In the meantime, get to know their music a little better: With their own brand of 'machete metal' and a legend of invoking Fear in the hearts of all who encounter them, their third album, "Brujerizmo" is out now... You can also read more @