From the desk of the man behind The Production Gospel According To Dave, comes the following update: Ill Nino We previously wrote that the future of Ill Nino b-sides lay in live tracks recorded earlier during their Brixton show in the UK, along with a track called "Fallen" which was started during the Revolution...Revolucion sessions, and completed just a couple weeks ago. Well, these songs will be released come May on a couple commercial single releases overseas. Both single releases will feature "What Comes Around", the song and video, along with various b-sides listed above. One release is said to be a standard commercial single, and the other a cd 'maxi'...which, if we are not mistaken, is Roadrunner European terminology for digipak art. Either that or it could just mean more songs. You make the call. Regardless, we shall find out soon enough, and have some to give away to you cats on the site. AND REMEMBER, drop by Much Music USA online to vote for Ill Nino's "What Comes Around" video. Goto, and follow these instructions (else you will get lost...unless you're some sort of tough guy): To get to the voting area - go to the site (, click on the 'ovenfresh' button above the rest of the navigation on the left hand side. That will open an annoying flash window that will confuse you. Roll-over the 'green' bar in the middle of the screen - it will then say 'ovenfresh', click it and then vote for Ill Nino. Make sense?