"Hollywood had better beware; they're going to get it good this Thursday…" writes ArtistDirect.com after watching the Murderdolls slay The Glass House in Pomona, California last night -- marking the band's first show in 6 years.

Continuing on in their rave review, ArtistDirect.com explains, "Murderdolls are unlike any other rock 'n' roll band you've seen recently.

"In fact, they're dirtier, louder, grittier and more badass than any of their "contemporaries" could ever be. Murderdolls are just the injection of filth that pop culture desperately needs. The band's show last night at Pomona's Glass House was kind of like Travis Bickle blasting through a whorehouse at the end of Taxi Driver—it was raw, real and raucous in every way. This was Murderdolls' first show in six years, but it didn't feel like it. In fact, the show simply continued the very special legacy that the band established all those years ago, but in a brilliantly bloodier fashion.

"The hulking strains of "The World According to Revenge" seeped through the speakers, filling the room with an ere of pulverizing promise. Fans clamored to the barricade by the side of the stage trying to climb over the top for a glimpse of the 'Dolls as they sauntered to the stage one by one.

"Their fervor proved contagious as Murderdolls ignited the intro riff to "Chapel of Blood." Slipknot drum extraordinaire Joey Jordison stood on the side of the stage with a B.C. Rich guitar in hand ripping through the first riff with undeniable bravado and brutality. Jordison tore through the groove flawlessly, never ending his headbang in true rock god fashion. Not only is Jordison one of the genre's most important drummers, he's also one of its most intriguing and captivating songwriters. The audience exploded to the new music from Women and Children Last upon its live debut. Jordison's Murderdolls' cohort, Wednesday 13, channeled the same kind of ungodly charisma, eliciting massive screams from the crowd with the new cut's infectious chorus, "Bow down and bleed for me."

"There's no doubt that the packed venue of Murderdolls diehards would bleed for the band, and they did for the next hour. Wednesday could be the Scott Weiland of undead hard rock. He's got this irresistible swagger that's hypnotic just like STP's main man. He writhed on the floor and kneeled over the speaker, getting right up in the front row fans' faces during "Slit My Wrist," barking the refrain with a devilish smirk. Wednesday sauntered across the stage during the classic "Twist My Sister," leaning up against Jordison. With the anthemic chants and bombastic riffs, Murderdolls were meant for arenas, and they played like it in the Glass House."

Read the full review right here, and stay tuned for a special preview of the Murderdolls' sophomore album Women and Children Last coming TOMORROW!