If you have yet to do so, download "Like Light To The Flies" off Trivium's MUSIC page. Now that that is out of the way, Trivium is currently touring on the US Road Rage tour with Chimaira and Machine Head. Guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy checks in with the following: "Yo! Matt here in North Carolina...in the midst of two tornadoes, one hurricane, and a tropical storm, but that ain't stoppin' us. We are getting to Atlanta tomorrow and Orlando on Saturday no matter what natural disaster gets in our way. So we're a bit into the second week of touring and I must say so far the tour has been fantastic. Two standout shows in particular - Worcester, MA at the Palladium -- one word- UNREAL. My favorite show so far. People were dancing, moshing, pumping horns, screaming along with the songs. The energy was so intense I threw my guitar down during “Pillars Of Serpents” to get a little more up close with our fans. You can check out some cool photos from this show at www.zeroflesh.com and see what I am talking about (Thanks Bruce). "Then there was Norfolk, VA at the Norva. Now, we played here on the Iced Earth tour to an extremely active, amazing crowd - and to continue the tradition of Trivium at the Norva... it was the same. People knew who we were this time and they were nuts. It felt like we were playing a hometown show at the Norva. So there's that. Now, make sure all you fans come down and check us out at a nearby show - we promise an unforgettable show..." And if you have ever seen them live, you'd agree. check out www.roadrun.com/roadrage for all upcoming tour dates