Word has it that "I Am Loco", a track off Ill Nino's debut Revolution...Revolucion, is being played in the trailers for the movie The Panic Room. It's True. The plot outline for this film breaks down as follows: "Three men search for a missing fortune in a big mansion while a woman hides in one of its rooms". Though dubbed a 'thriller', Jodie Foster plays one of the leads. C'mon now, can anything starring Jodie Foster truly be considered thrilling? (it's a joke, ha ha?) Word also has it the song is buried in the trailer, so you have to really pay attention to hear it. Apparently, true...though not speaking first hand. Speaking of LOCO, have you yet to try voting for Ill Nino's "What Comes Around" video at www.MMUSA.tv? Absolutely something that can drive you insane...even if you follow our directions. Give it a shot. WHEN you give up (not an option, you will get lost), directions are as follows: To get to the voting area - go to the site (www.MMUSA.tv), click on the 'ovenfresh' button above the rest of the navigation on the left hand side. That will open an annoying flash window that will confuse you. Roll-over the 'green' bar in the middle of the screen - it will then say 'ovenfresh', click it and then vote for Ill Nino. Make sense?