As previously written, this past Sunday (08/12) Robert and Ahrue from Machine Head headed off to Europe for a promo trip. Come next week, they will be meeting up with the rest of the band in Japan to start playing some shows. Currently amongst their travels, Robert and Ahrue find themselves in London. As our very own Kirsten from our UK office tells, "Rather than spend the evening languishing in their hotel rooms, the guys popped down with us to the Kerrang! club night held every Wednesday at Sound, on Wardour Street in London instead! You could say we surprised a few happy clubbers... " Cats at Sound last night (08/16) were treated to 5 new tracks off Machine Head's upcoming Supercharger release, as Robert and Ahrue took it upon themselves to do a little DJing of their own. The five new tracks they played were as follows: "American High", "Crashing Around You", "White-Knuckle Blackout", "Supercharger", and "Bulldozer" (download currently available here on site, click the song title). Want to take it one step further? We are informed by the good gossip that be in the UK, that Robert even hit the stage for some more comments. Kirsten was good enough to take pictures from the night, check out Machine Head's PHOTO GALLERY for the visuals. SUPERCHARGER in stores October 2nd