So, what's ado in the world of 36 Crazyfists? Vocalist Brock and drummer Thomas are both back home in Alaska getting dumped on by massive amounts of snow...guitarist Steve and bassist Mick are both in Portland, Oregon getting rained on... Oh, speaking of Alaska, outside of over indulgence in booze and food this holiday season, Brock and Thomas are enjoying five hours/day of sunlight and the warmest 10 degree weather the state has to offer. Meanwhile, back in Portland, Steve is holed up in his studio, which is where the 36 CF song writing process begins. He has already sent the Alaska boys a tape with one completed song, along with a few other beginning song ideas. Come January 10th, Brock and Thomas will be joining the rest of the band in Portland to write, write, write..."we're really stoked to start putting some shit down," enthuses Brock. Oh, and one more message from the band, "Have a safe New Year." Happy New Year To You All