Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington, the last founding member of the band, was recently interviewed by Classic Rock Revisited. He talks about maintaining the band's spirit through tragedy and lineup changes, and much more.

Says Rossington, "We just do it the way that we’ve always done it. Once we get the material written, then we just go in the studio and get at it. For our diehard fans, who will like it, and buy it anyway, we want to make it the best we can for the name of Skynyrd and for our brothers that are no longer with us. We keep their memory alive and I really believe their spirit is in these songs."

He says that even newer members can tell when a song is a Skynyrd song and when it's not: "We all do that, at times. If I hear something that I don’t think Skynyrd should be involved with, then I will say something and we will get out of that. I think we are doing pretty good, as far as the new ones go. We have a lot more songs that we have written but we decided they were not up to par. I would never want to hurt the name of the band."

There's much, much more; it's a long, in-depth interview that's very much worth your time. Read the whole thing!

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