Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington recently compiled a list of his top 11 blues guitarists of all time for; it's a terrific list of players without whose work no record collection is really complete. Among the names he picked? Buddy Guy, Albert King, Duane Allman, and more.

"Buddy Guy’s a big influence on me because he influenced Eric Clapton so much," Gary explains. "Because I was so inspired by Clapton, I listened to Buddy Guy. That’s how it goes down sometimes."

Rossington says of Albert King, "He was such a character. I remember he was late for a show, and he came driving up in a Cadillac. He got out, took his guitar from the back of the car, and then he just walked onstage, plugged in – there was a house band backing him up – and he just started playing without a care in the world...He broke a string during his set, and he changed it right there in the middle of a song. Just pulled an E string out of his pocket and put it on while he sang – he didn’t miss a beat."

He praises the late Allman Brothers Band lead guitarist, Duane Allman, too, saying, "They were about five or six years older, so they were already doing what we were fixin’ to do. Duane...what a blues player. I think he’s the best on the slide that ever was."

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