Lynyrd Skynyrd's Last of a Dyin' Breed is one of the albums nominated in Revolver's online poll to determine the Album of the Week. It gets better - at the end of the month, all the weekly winners will be competing to be Album of the Month. Head over there and vote Skynyrd!

The band's founding guitarist, Gary Rossington, was interviewed by this week; he says about the new album, "I think the biggest thing is that the band went back to more rootsy rock 'n' roll on this record. The last record has a lot of country influence on it. We did some experimenting on the last record, dabbling in almost the country market on three or four songs, and it just, you know, didn't culminate. So this record, we went back and kind of did it old school. We got in the studio, all of us at one time, and recorded the songs all at once. Then when we'd get a good take, we could go back. If anybody made a mistake, we'd go back and fix it and continue on. I think there's a lot of gutsy, roots rock 'n' roll in this record, as well as some blues stuff. I'm pretty happy with it, man; it's really good."

Last of a Dyin' Breed is available everywhere now; get your copy from Amazon or on iTunes.