Clive Burr, the original drummer for metal legends Iron Maiden, died yesterday after a lengthy battle with multiple sclerosis. His playing can be heard on the albums Iron Maiden, Killers, and The Number of the Beast, essential components of any metal collection.

Machine Head drummer Dave McClain posted the following thoughts on the band's website:

"Very sad news. One of my favorite drummers and a huge influence on me as a young drummer. To me, he brought punk rock drumming into heavy metal. I can remember walking into the Hemisphere Arena in San Antonio to see Iron Maiden and seeing Clive's white kit on stage.

"I about crapped my pants!

"I just stood there in awe looking at the actual kit that I had been staring at on the back of the Killers album cover for the whole summer. I was a HAPPY kid!

"He will always be an inspiration to my drumming. One of my go-to guys when I'm trying to find different drum fills and beats, or I'll ask myself, 'what would Clive do?'"