Robert and Ahrue of Machine Head are currently doing an overseas promo tour for their upcoming October 2 Supercharger release. It is about 6:30pm EST on 08/20 as this is being written, meaning where Robert and Ahrue are, it is about 7:30am on 08/21. Interviews are scheduled from 1:00pm to 6:00pm Japan time. Just a quick bit, come 11:00am Japan time, Robert will be checking out some new web comps for the upcoming Machine Head site as done by Mike, the cat who has been doing their site for the past few years. News worthy, perhaps yes...we are excited to see what the upcoming site will have to offer in the future, and thought you should know that a new site is in the works... Just three days away from the Feast Of The Beast shows, in Korea and Japan, with Slayer (yes, you know what we are about to write). First one is 08/23 at Dongdaemun Field in Seoul, Korea. Remember - new Machine Head music is here for the taking..."Bulldozer".