Machine Head's Robb Flynn was interviewed by Full Metal Jackie this past weekend. It was a wide-ranging and fascinating conversation in which he talked about his personal view of metal, the passion that Machine Head fans display for the group, and much more.

Says Flynn, "To me [metal] makes up so many things, I mean everything from Mercyful Fate to Black Sabbath to Slayer to Arch Enemy to All Shall Perish to Suicide Silence. I hate the sub-genre thing and I hate all the categories that everything’s got to go into, it drives me crazy. I think it’s more of an attitude, more of a spirit."

He says of Machine Head's fans, "I mean our fans live and breathe this stuff, it’s amazing, every single day on this tour I’ve signed [for] kids that have our lyrics tattooed on their arm or the Machine Head logos and then they want to get our autographs which I always think is crazy. You don’t want my stupid autograph tattooed on your arm, but they’ve got things that actually mean something, like lyrics. You hear these incredible stories and these heartbreaking stories and you hear just how much it helps carry them through and it makes us believe."

He also reveals that he hasn't listened to the band's latest album, Unto the Locust, since it came out. "I produced it, I mixed it and then we went and did all the listening parties so I listened to it about 10 times a night every night, so when we finally went on tour it was just cool to play I’m just more stoked to be jammin’ it live and seeing people’s reaction to it, that’s what I’m vibing off of."

Unto the Locust is available now; click here to get it