What's the cigarette smoking situation in Europe? Find out that and more from the following news update from Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel: Played Madrid last night. Insane crowd. Except for the 3 spineless fucks who decided it would be cool to spit on the new guy and throw stuff at him. After 2 hours of taking their abuse I took it upon myself to jump in the crowd and pound one of them in the face a few times to make him think twice about ever doing it again. The look on his face when I landed right in front of him was priceless. My apologies to the rest of the fans who had to deal with the fiasco at the end of the show. I should've handled it differently. Today is a travel day and everyone is still asleep. I'm usually first one up and spend that time watching all the cheesy movies no one else wants to watch. Dave and I stayed up 'til about 7am rockin' out to classic "old guy" rock. Rush 2112, KISS Destroyer, Scorpions Lovedrive, Maiden Piece of Mind and Number of the Beast. Can barely talk today from screaming all the lyrics for hours. We're parked near a beach somewhere in France while the driver gets his sleep. Off to Milan tonight and play there tomorrow night. The bands performance is really starting to click. Every night it seems to improve. Can't wait to bring the full production show to our home crowd. Have no idea when that will be. Still working on the US deal. These things take time. Duh. So anyway, will check in again this weekend. Hope all is well. And oh yeah, you fucking Euros need to chill on the smoking. Holy fuck see www.machinehead1.com for all upcoming tour dates and details