Machine Head's two axemen, Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel, recently answered fans' questions for the latest installment of Guitar World's Dear Guitar Hero column. They were asked about their gear, their favorite thrash records, the making of the latest Machine Head album, Unto the Locust, and much more.

Says Robb about his tone, "I have a [Peavey] 5150 amp that I've used forever. I've had him for 14 years and call him 'Bubba.' I literally have him in a high-security storage area. He comes out to record and then he goes right back in. He never goes on tour. Bubba hasn't been modified at all. It's just one of those magical heads that you come across in your life that stands head and shoulders above the rest. I use that and a Marshall. There is a lot less gain on it than you'd think, and that's part of how we get the clarity and picking definition."

When asked to name the greatest thrash record of all time, Phil says, "Of course, there's Slayer’s Reign in Blood. I was brought up on Slayer; they’re the first thrash band I ever saw live. Metallica’s Ride the Lightning is a great thrash album too. It’s probably my favorite Metallica record. And Exodus’ Bonded by Blood is right up there. So I’m gonna do a three-way tie -- a three-headed crown of thrash!"

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Machine Head's Unto the Locust is available now; click here to grab it from our webstore!