Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn was interviewed by The Quietus last week, and he's got some surprising and interesting things to say - about his own tastes in music and food, about the band's relationship to its audience, and more.

Says Flynn about his habit of letting fans come onstage to drink or even jam with the band, "I can’t go around living my life in that much fear. I mean that’s not to say that we don’t need security – we need security, obviously – we’re happy to have security and there’s obviously times when there are security threats that we have to deal with. A lot of the time those things are completely spontaneous, it’s not like it’s a regular occurrence, it’s something random really; it’s a lot to do with getting lost in the moment, and sure, in wake of the Dimebag [Darrell of Pantera and Damageplan, shot by an insane audience member in 2004] thing most bands have taken steps with security, but you can’t live your life in fear like that."

Flynn's taste for Indian food is well-documented; indeed, Roadrunner UK filmed one of his trips to London's Brick Lane earlier this year. He describes the hottest curry he's ever eaten as "fucking hot man! To the point where my tongue literally had no sensation for ten minutes – it was almost like someone took a taser and zapped my tongue, that’s what it felt like – just like no feeling, no flavour, no anything. I was like, whoa! I mean, I like the Vindaloo, I like the Madras and I love the Saags too, but that shit’s something else!"

He also reveals a surprising soft side to his musical taste, saying, "I love metal and I’m the most metal motherfucker you’ll ever meet in your life. But yeah, I like all kinds of things man – if Coldplay come around you’ll be seeing me up front! I’m, like, a total Coldplay groupie!"

The whole interview's well worth a read; click here to check it out.

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