Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn was interviewed by online humor site Zoiks! Online, and discussed the writing and recording of the band's new album Unto the Locust, touring, and much more.
Said Flynn, "We just write until we feel like we have a good collection of songs. I think the main thing for us is that the four of us get goose bumps. We’re not writing for fans, we’re not writing for radio, we’re not writing for what we think people might want. We’re just writing for ourselves and we feel that’s the truest most honest gauge that there can be."
Flynn also praised a few former Roadrunner acts, saying (while discussing an upcoming string of South American shows with Sepultura), "They were one of the main reasons that we wanted to sign with Roadrunner. We felt whoever Sepultura was with, they knew what they were doing." He also cited Biohazard as early Machine Head supporters, saying, "They were really hot at the time, they had that video on Beavis and Butt-Head. They really backed the band, even from before, I was seeing them open for The Exploited, like super hard core punk rock shows. We loved them."
Read the full interview at this linkUnto the Locust is in stores now.