After being forced to miss a total of nine dates due to frontman Robb Flynn’s emergency hernia surgery, Machine Head will be returning to the Dethklok, All That Remains, and The Black Dahlia Murder tour for the November 24 date in Portland, Oregon as expected and continuing on as scheduled.

Flynn arrived back in the Bay Area on Saturday, and has been recuperating at his home with his family, and so far, so good. Flynn says the experience “totally sucked balls," but is "feeling stronger now, especially after a heavy listening schedule of Accept's 'Balls to the Wall,' AC/DC's 'Big Balls,' hell, I even found time to record a cover of Soulfly's 'Eye for an Eye,' with the lyrics changed to 'Guts in the Nuts.'” "Guts in da nuuuuuuts, guts in da nuts, in da nuts, in da nuts."